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Elephants, the world’s largest mammal, are quite peaceful in nature. Elephants have a varied habitat that may be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and South-East Asia. Because of their herbivorous nature, they reside in forests, deserts, and marshes. Because of their immense size, other predators prefer to avoid elephants. Predators mainly target young elephants (or “calves”). Elephants have long been a symbol of numerous civilizations, including those of India, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries. Elephants are well-known and have appeared in folklore, art, religion, literature, and a variety of other popular cultures. In the past, they were utilized in battle and to transport big loads. This very recognizable and stunning animal’s future is bleak. They are destroying the planet’s grounds as a result of their habitat devastation. If you want to learn more, check out these 18 incredibly intriguing and astonishing facts about elephants.

1-Elephant, the heaviest on the land

The elephant is the world’s heaviest mammal. Normally, an African elephant weighs between 4,000 and 7,000 kilos. Asian elephants, on the other hand, are smaller, weighing between 3,000 and 5,000 kg. The largest elephant ever recorded weighed 10,886 kilos.

2- What makes elephants love water and mud?

Elephants keep themselves cool. Elephants are harassed by pests; thus, they generally wallow in mud and water to avoid them. Elephants are excellent swimmers, which is one of the most fascinating facts about them. Furthermore, elephants use mud as a sunscreen, shielding their skin from the sun’s UV rays.

3- Elephants have the longest gestation period

Elephants have the longest gestation time of any Mammal. A female’s gestation period can run up to two years. Elephant females may have children until they are 50 years old.

4- Incredible trunk

Although the elephant trunk weighs roughly 180 kilos, it is so dexterous that it can pick up extremely little objects, such as a single grain of rice.

5- They have a very sensitive skin

The skin of an elephant is normally exceedingly durable, measuring 2.5 cm (1 in) thick on the back and sections of the head. An Elephant’s skin is so sensitive that they can feel even a fly landing over their skin.

6- From fight to work

Nowadays Elephants are used to carry heavy luggage and cargo. On the other hand, they were formerly used in wars as an infantry.

7- Elephants are herbivores

Herbivores, elephants are. Elephants eat roots, grasses, fruit, and bark, among other things. An adult elephant may consume up to 140 kilos of food and 160 liters of water in a single day.

8- Have you ever seen such a heart?

The Elephant’s heart is enormous. His heart can weigh between 12 and 21 kilos.

9- Excellent memory

Elephants have a fantastic memory. This is incredible; they may have cognitive maps that allow them to recall large-scale environments over lengthy periods of time. The Elephant’s brain structure is quite similar to that of humans.

Elephants have tusks that may grow to be 3 meters long. Every day, over 100 elephants are slaughtered for their ivory. Ornaments are made from elephant ivory.

11- Elephants communicate with one another through touch
elephant touch

Elephants converse with one another via touching. They exchange greetings by rubbing or crumpling their noses. Young elephants make fun of one other by smacking their noses against each other. When two elephants contact their tongues, it indicates that they want to have sex with each other. Shaking its head and corners, this huge and serene beast of nature eliminates dust from its head and face.

12- An ant is able to kill an elephant

Even a gigantic elephant may be killed by a very little ant. If an ant becomes trapped in his trunk, he can be killed after a certain amount of time if the ant does not escape. Elephants normally keep their trunks up to avoid ants.

13-Did you know that elephants have chins?
elephant chin

Elephants, like humans, have the chin. Humans and elephants are the only species that have a chin.

14- The elephant is endangered

Elephants are now losing ground; their population is dwindling by the day. They are endangered in Asia and Africa.

15- Their smelling senses are extremely strong

Elephants have extremely sensitive senses of smell. An elephant can detect water from a distance of 20 kilometers.

16- Have you ever seen a white elephant?

White elephants are a unique kind of elephant. Of course, they are similar to other gray elephants, with the exception of their skin color. When these elephants get wet, they become pink. White elephants are common throughout Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand.

white elephant
17- Elephants can distinguish females from males

The elephant can tell the difference between men and women. It’s also worth noting that elephants can see themselves in the mirror. This skill is only found in a few species.

18- Elephants mourn their dead

When a member of their herd dies, elephants hold a “funeral”. They gather around the corpse and spend some time in silence. Before departing, the elephants cover the corpse with branches.


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